2017 – 2022

New Jewish Music Projects

One New Shlock Rock production per year – Each album will contain 6 Current Parody Songs and 6 Original English Songs to be released in September 2017 – This project will feature current parodies for the new generation of Jewish children.

Jewish Music Videos

Five new Shlock Rock Jewish Music Videos to be released per year before five Jewish Holidays.

Webisodes and Inspirational Videos

A webisode is a web based mini-series posted exclusively on the web. Each episode is between 6 and 10 minutes long and is a mini TV show. Spark Redeemers will be focusing on stories of outreach. Stories how people became inspired and learned to be proud of their Jewish Heritage. It will be done in a Twilight Zone/Star Trek type format which will draw and audience of teens and older to each episode.

Lesson Plans and Curriculum

There have been 495 songs recorded since 1986. We will be making lesson plans and curricula and providing them to day schools, religious schools and JCC’s for use in providing positive energy and messages to Jewish families worldwide.

Jewish Hip Hop Specials

Each year we will put out a Jewish Hip Hop Special featuring Etan G the Jewish Rapper. This will be a 45 minute to 60 minute show to attract teenagers listening to rap music.

Informal Jewish Inspirational Videos

10 EZ Pass will be the first inspirational video to be released. In under three minutes we will send the message to the viewer that those that pray with a Minyan every day are much better off than those pray at home.

Based on the words of the Vilna Gaon who said “Those that pray with a Minyan three times a day – their deeds are looked at less closely.

1000 Hours During the Week – The second inspirational video will expose the words of the Ben Ish Chai who says – One hour of learning on Shabbat is equivalent to 1000 hours of learning during the week.

Shlock Rock For Kids Time Series

The Shlock Rock for Kids Time DVD series will be based on the four Shlock Rock for Kids CD’s and will be produced in the style of Barney, Wee Sing and other secular kid’s DVDs.

It will be a character-focused series with puppets, children, and an adult host using dialogue and song to instill a positive Jewish message to the growing Jewish family. It will be comparable to all secular projects on the market. Each episode will be 30 minutes in length.

New Episodes of The Kosher Police will be released. We will also be releasing new products such as The Adventures of Pinnie The Pushka and The K Girls.

Holiday Specials

The two most observed holidays by the Jewish people are Passover and Chanukah. Shlock Rock will do a special for each holiday which will combine music, comedy, education and fun. It will be geared for the Jewish family ages 3-15 and their parents. Each show will be 45 minutes.

Family Concert Projects

Live Jewish Concerts For many years people have been requesting the recording of live concerts. The plan is to have and record many concerts of both Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock as well as other Jewish Music superstars.

Daniel in Babylon

A Rock Musical based on the first six chapters of the book of Daniel! Lenny is making a movie and the four corners project can be involved as well!

We need your partnership

Since 1986 you have grown up to the music and videos of Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock. Now, you will become partners with us in building an organization to reach the entire Jewish Community and give them Simchat Chaim! The joy of life!!!

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