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Promoting Jewish Continuity
Jewish Continuity

The 4 Corners Project Goals for 2024!

The 4 Corners Project

Our overall goal for 2024 is to create and launch inspiring and educational projects which spread Jewish pride, identity and awareness to all!  Presenting…

A Fundraiser for the 2024 year so that the following projects can be launched

1.   Daniel in Babylon – A Theatrical Livestream

2.   Shlock Rock 41 – Old School (New Parody Album)

3.   5 New Music Videos (Released every 2.25 months)

4.   Lenny Solomon Live Season 4 (75-100 Shows)

5.   Future Webisode Projects

The mission of the 4 Corners Project is to educate the Jewish people who have been scattered to the 4 Corners of the World

We would like our fans/friends to support our orgnization in 2024, in order for us to make budget and get all the projects done!  Just click on this link


All Donations are Tax-Deductible!

Lenny Solomon

The innovator and creator of the greatest musical teaching tool, Shlock Rock, Lenny Solomon brings a continuing expanded vision of originality and wit to the world of Informal Jewish Education.

Led by Lenny Solomon, who has been at the forefront of Informal Jewish Education since 1984, the 4 Corners Project will be making:

new songs

music videos


inspirational videos


video games


lesson plans and curriculums

whatever is needed

…in order to spread and increase Jewish Pride, Identity and Awareness and
Promote Jewish Education!

We invite you to

scroll through our website and see the projects we will be working on.

Feel free to hit the Donate button at anytime and become a part of the cutting edge of Jewish Music and Media!

Upcoming Projects


Lesson Plans

There have been 495 songs recorded since 1986. We will be making lesson plans and curriculums and providing them to day schools, religious schools and JCC’s for use in providing positive energy and messages to Jewish families worldwide.


Holiday Specials

The two most observed holidays by the Jewish people are Passover and Chanukah. Shlock Rock will do a special for each holiday which will combine music, comedy, education and fun. It will be geared for the Jewish family ages 3-15 and their parents.


Children’s Shows

The Shlock Rock for Kids Time DVD series will be based on the four Shlock Rock for Kids CD’s and will be produced in the style of Barney, Wee Sing and other secular kid’s DVDs. It will be a character-focused series to instill a positive Jewish message.

Why Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock

Since 1986 when Lenny released the first Shlock Rock album, he has been a big presence in Informal Jewish education.

The numbers speak for themselves

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Songs written and produced
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Album releases
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Shows performed worldwide

People’s Words

  • I was born a non-Jew in northwest Canada. Our family converted to Judaism. The three things that inspired our family to become Jewish were the books of Aryeh Kaplan, the stories of Pesach Krohn and the music of Shlock Rock!

    B.M. Jerusalem, Israel
  • Hey Lenny! Been a long time! Just wanted to drop you a quick note. I have 2 kids now and your music fills my house constantly. My kids will grow up with the same anthems of Jewish identity that you have so prolifically created. The Music business, from my experience, is a LOT of work, hassle, hustle, travel, and gets hard to keep going after a while. Thanks for NEVER letting it go, and for keeping up the amazing tunes. Until 120.

    J.R. Teaneck, NJ
  • Your music saved my life! When my family was going from non-observant to observant you were the bridge between the world of secular to the world of the religious.

    C.F. Five Towns, NY
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