• I was born a non-Jew in northwest Canada. Our family converted to Judaism. The three things that inspired our family to become Jewish were the books of Aryeh Kaplan, the stories of Pesach Krohn and the music of Shlock Rock!

    B.M. Jerusalem, Israel
  • Hey Lenny! Been a long time! Just wanted to drop you a quick note. I have 2 kids now and your music fills my house constantly. My kids will grow up with the same anthems of Jewish identity that you have so prolifically created. The Music business, from my experience, is a LOT of work, hassle, hustle, travel, and gets hard to keep going after a while. Thanks for NEVER letting it go, and for keeping up the amazing tunes. Until 120.

    J.R. Teaneck, NJ
  • Your music saved my life! When my family was going from non-observant to observant you were the bridge between the world of secular to the world of the religious.

    C.F. Five Towns, NY
  • I learned Torah by listening to your music when I was driving carpool. I owe my Judaism to you!

    L.S. St Louis, MO
  • You truly have had a greater affect on my life that I could even put into words. I went to public school my entire life and listened to shlock from the time I was 8. I learned so much from your music you have no idea. I then went to Israel, Brandeis, then YU. Your torah and education has given me the exposure to know more than I could even tell you. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting me to where I am today.

    S.J. Sunnyvale, CA
  • Had I had your music when I was in Hebrew School, things would have been different!

    R.Y. Englewood Cliffs, NJ
  • Today I came across your Minyan Man version with the Maccabeats. Your voice brought back a lot of memories. I became religious while serving in the US Air Force in North Dakota (how that happened is a longer story). As you can imagine, being Jewish in North Dakota is lonely, and trying to be observant is even more so. Some school in Pennsylvania sent me a very random Chanukah Care package. Included in that care package was a Lenny Solomon tape. Well that tape was just about my only connection to the religious world. Needless to say, I wore that tape out (I had a second copy that I had converted to mp3 a few years ago. I can't express the effect and the comfort that your songs were to me while living in that frozen spiritual wasteland. It got me through a lot of lonely times. Long story short, I left the Air Force and ended up in yeshiva in Monsey. I've been back in the Air Force for over 9 years as a chaplain. Trying to do for others what you did for me. (currently living in Alaska). The Air Force knows I like the cold. I just wanted you to know the impact your music has had. Thanks very much!

    Anonymous Alaska
  • I grew up in a city near Ellenville. Myself and my two brothers went to public school. The only Jewish music we listened to was Shlock Rock in the car. That is what our mom bought to play for us. My older brother and myself went to the Mir Yeshiva. My brother became a Rabbi and teaches others how to be Rabbis and Judges in Jerusalem. I am a businessman and both my brother and I have finished learning the entire Talmud. We are your children! Thank you for doing what you do!

    S.P. Haifa, Israel

These are just a few of the thousands of stories out there conveying the impact Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock has had on Jewish Pride, Identity and Awareness, Jewish Continuity and Jewish Education through music. Over the last thirty years there has been no greater tool in informal Jewish education.

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