• Lenny Solomon
    Lenny Solomon CEO

    Lenny will be leading the way, producing new and exciting Jewish educational projects which leaves us all with a great feeling about Judaism. As an expert in Jewish Outreach he will push the envelope and provide us with great fresh content both in music and in media.

    Lenny has spent his entire Musical career in the informal Jewish Educational Field. His body of work consisting of 40 music productions, two musicals, three complete compilations of music videos have led many new Jewish artists to imitate his style.

    He has and continues to receive testimonials which demonstrate the impact that informal Jewish Educational programs can have on Jewish Pride, Identity and Awareness.

  • Judith Orovitz Herzfeld
    Judith Orovitz Herzfeld Associate Producer on Lenny Solomon Live

    Judy will be promoting the new songs and videos to the radio stations throughout the world. She is also the Associate Producer of Lenny Solomon Live which airs 2-3 times a week on Facebook, YouTube and twitter.

  • Nechama Retting Director of Education – Pre-School

    Nechama will be writing curriculum and lesson plans for the 125 Shlock Rock For Kids songs as well as helping all teachers and principals with any questions they might have.

  • Rena Reiser Webmaster

    Rena has created this website and will update it regularly.

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In 1994, Lenny wrote and released the hit song from Manual for the Moral Minded – “Keep on Giving!”

Let’s sing the chorus – Gotta Keep on Giving, Gotta open up your hands, Gotta keep on giving, Every woman every man!

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